Crystal North is general manager and Deck Manager of Swim-Smart @ Harry’s.  She is also a teacher and teacher trainer for all levels of swimming lessons from Baby & Me through Advanced Adults.  With over 10 years experience  teaching swim lessons, she still loves every aspect of being in, on and around the water.  Crystal was on both the swim team and dive team while in high school.  Upon graduation, she entered commercial diving school and moved to Louisiana for a job.  Crystal’s favorite swim strokes are freestyle and breaststroke.

Crystal’s hobbies include SCUBA diving, paddle boarding, fishing, reading, sewing, cooking and baking.  Her personal goals are to travel and see the world and buy a house with a huge kitchen to make homemade goodies to sell.  Her favorite kid movies are “Mulan” and “Land before Time” trilogy.  She truly feels accomplished and proud to be in the position to teach all ages and sizes of people how to swim with confidence and comfort.


imageBrittany Juneau  a deck manager and is certified from Baby & Me through Adult Advanced. She began teaching over 5 years ago when her cousin were having swim lessons. Her favorite stroke is back stroke. Ms. Brittany loves working with the little kids because when she sees their excitement on their face she knows she did her job well. Before working as a Swim-Smart teacher Brittany was on swim team for a year, as well as a life guard at multiple pools. When she is not at Swim-Smart she enjoys playing with her dog, Molly, shopping, and riding the jet ski. In addition to teaching swimming, Brittany works as a medical assistant for Carousel Pediatrics, and is  attending Delgado to complete her goal of becoming a registered nurse. Brittany  recently got certified to become a scuba diver, so she can see her favorite Disney character Ariel from the “Little Mermaid” under the sea!



Cindy O’brien has been teaching swim lessons for about 3 years. One of her main goals is to try to stay active and healthy. Her favorite characters are minions. Cindy’s favorite movies are Despicable Me and Ice Age. She currently works as an Assistant teacher for 3 year olds at Kehoe-France for 24 years. She enjoys teaching Windmill arms. When Cindy is not at Harry’s she enjoys reading and going to wine tasting. She enjoys working with children that are afraid of the water and helping them gain confidence to start swimming. It is rewarding for Cindy to watch them swim on their own for the first time and to see them do their first dive. “They think they can’t do it then they realize how easy it is”




Nicole Sergutin began teaching for Swim-Smart in February 2016 and is certified to teach Baby & Me through Adult Advanced.  She enjoys going on adventures and finding cool new places.  Her favorite children’s movie is the Aristocats.  One day she hopes to open her own physical therapy practice with a pool for aquatics therapy.  Being a positive influence in a child’s life is her favorite part of teaching swimming. 


Joey Yanosky comes from an extensive love of the water and all that it entails.  He is a swim teacher certified in Level One, Level Two and Adult.  Joey loves being in the water, teaching both kids and adults life-skills than can someday make a huge difference:  He used to teach “Sea Survival” skills.  Joey’s favorite movie is The Goonies, his favorite swim stroke is the breast stroke and the color BLUE sweeps him away.   His hobbies include swimming, watching movies, doing funny impressions, cooking, telling jokes and scuba diving. We hope and expect Joey to join the ranks of the certified SCUBA Instructors working with Harry’s Dive Shop.

Nina Aranda used to be a kid’s swim team coach and actually loves to swim, she really likes teaching people new ways to navigate through the water.  Not only does she like teaching, she also appreciates and enjoys the experiences she gets from the success of what she has helped someone learn.  Nina’s favorite kid movie is Tinker Bell, her favorite stroke is Butterfly and the color is yellow brightens her mood any day and any time. Some of her hobbies are working out at the gym, swimming laps, sun tanning, playing Pokemon and hanging out with upbeat and compassionate friends who share like goals.  Nina’s future plan is to go back to school and graduate with yet another degree.  As the saying goes, “They can never take away your education or your experiences.”


Jessica Messina comes from a long line of “water” people.   Her mother worked at Harry’s Dive Shop in the mid-80s and as a girl scout, Jessica was introduced to SCUBA.  Years later, when time and circumstances allowed, Jessica got certified to SCUBA dive.   She is swim teacher certified with Baby & Me and Level One lessons.   She loves working with children so teaching them to swim is a big bonus.  Though never a competitive swimmer, Jessica’s preferred swim stroke is the elementary backstroke.   Her favorite movie is “Wreck-It-Ralph” while orange is her color.  Some of Jessica’s other interests include playing violin and piano.  She is talented in arts and crafts and playing video games.  Future goals are to be a nurse specializing in Nephrology, have a family and advance her SCUBA certification through classes and real-world experience.


Michael Cohen is a young, yet tall student who became certified in SCUBA at the tender age of 11.  His favorite movie is “Toy Story” and favorite color is orange.  Because Michael grew up in and around water, it stands to reason that he is so good at teaching swimming to all ages.  He is certified and experienced with Baby & Me, Level 1, Level 2 and even Adult swimming classes. Some of Michael’s other activities include hunting, fishing and listening to music.  Upon graduation, pursuing a degree in nursing is the goal.  He likes working with and helping people from all walks of life.



Crystal Modica is certified to teach Baby & Me, Level One, Level Two and Adult swimming lessons.  She is a firm believer every person should have the lifesaving skills of knowing how to swim.  As a mother of 2 boys, one with special needs child, she understands the importance of being able to swim.  Crystal is loving, patient and enjoys working with people, both children and adults.  Her favorite movie is The Fox and the Hound while her favorite stroke is Freestyle and her favorite color is purple.  Some of Crystal’s hobbies include spending time with family, shopping, doing crafts and planning her wedding to her beloved, Shane.  Her future goal is to own and operate a family business.

 John Swafford is a certified swim teacher for the levels of Baby & Me, Level One, Level Two and Adult.  He enjoys teaching and helping others grow with skill and confidence.  John is a certified scuba diver with rescue training experience.  His favorite movie is Space Jam:  His favorite stroke is breaststroke and purple is his color of choice.  John’s other interests include drawing, playing guitar, skateboarding, horseback riding and taking care of his wonderful pets, two dogs and three parrots.  John hopes to one day be a movie producer, play music professionally and flip houses for profit.


Maci Schexnaydre loves to swim and loves being around children.  She is certified for Baby & Me, Level One and Level Two lessons.   As a child, Maci swam in summer league and throughout her high school years.  Her favorite movies are Sleeping Beauty, Princess & the Frog and Moana. Maci’s favorite stroke is breaststroke.  Her favorite colors are blue and purple.   Some of Maci’s other activities are scuba diving, reading novels, interacting on Pinterest and outdoor hiking.  Future goals are to graduate from Nicholls State University with her BS in Biology.  Could Marine Biology and a job with the Department of La Wildlife and Fisheries become a reality?  With Maci, the answer is YES!


Katie Valdatta loves swimming.  She loves teaching and working with both kids and adults by introducing them to the wonders and challenges of the water.  Katie is swim teacher certified in both Baby & Me and Level One swimming while also a certified lifeguard.  Her favorite movie is Wizard of Oz, she prefers the breast stroke and she cannot decide which ONE color is her favorite so she is going with the rainbow.  Some of Katie’s hobbies include martial arts, cooking and art/painting.  She plans to someday own and operate a restaurant.


Julian Love


With a last name of “Love”, kids AND adults flock to Julian.  He oozes care and appreciation
for the people he teaches in Baby & Me, Level One, Level Two and even Adult.  Julian enjoys teaching the newer generation a skill that will have forever that enhances both safety and the enjoyment of being in the water.  As a younger man, Julian was on a competitive board diving team but adulthood and time took that away.  His favorite movie is The Land Before Time, he prefers the breast stroke and likes the color hot pink.  Some of Julian’s other hobbies include basketball, driving, movies and even swimming laps.  In time, Julian hopes to own and operate a construction company.


Mika Alvery is certified to teach swimming for Baby & Me, Level 1, Level 2 and Adult.  She teaches swimming because she enjoys the sport AND she loves working with people, kids in particular.  She is proud to be teaching folks not only to love the water but also to share a life-saving skill.  Mika has no competitive swimming background but that makes no difference in her dedication and swimming abilities.  Her favorite kid movie is Nightmare Before Christmas and her favorite color is Purple.  Some of Mika’s hobbies include long distance walking, crafts, painting, scrap booking and sketching.  Her goal is to learn as much as possible about a wide variety of subjects and use them to build a career she loves.


Raymond Rehage

Swimming is a LIFE skill, not a luxury:  Raymond firmly believes in and supports this statement to the fullest.  Helping people learn new skills and attain goals gives him a satisfaction that carries throughout the day.  Raymond began swimming when he was 2 years old and hasn’t stopped since.  His favorite kid movies are Aladdin and Nightmare Before Christmas while his favorite color is purple.  Some of Raymond’s hobbies include training for American Ninja Warrior, filming and editing videos and of course, SCUBA diving.  Raymond’s ultimate goal is to be a stunt man in the movie industry.


Payton Harvey Though most people don’t like to “go to work”, Payton says he looks at things differently because he gets to see smiles of many faces.  Payton enjoys working with kids and watching them grow both in swimming skills and as individuals.  Payton was a competitive high school swimmer who also swam on a team year round.  His favorite kid movie is Tarzan, his favorite stroke is the breaststroke and green is his color of choice.  Payton’s hobbies are hunting, fishing, boating, hiking and basically anything outdoors.  His goals are to become an environmental biologist and to own a sizeable yacht.  Way to go Payton!!!!